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The last hold-out has made peace. Of course, she didn’t have a lot of choice – I told her that she could have her war, but since I wasn’t going to fight it, she’d be standing on the battlefield alone, with no-one to oppose anymore.

I feel relieved, and a little disappointed we’ve wasted the last few weeks.

I’ll never understand women.




  1. Nice comment Aurelius. Of course, said partly tongue in check, part of the problem in trying to “understand” women is the assumption that they can be “understood” 😉

  2. John, no tongue required. They can’t.

  3. Of course us women can be understood. You just need to say the right thing, at the right time, wearing the right clothes, and previously having done everything we want you to do without us having to ask.

    Quite simple really.

  4. Crab, so what you’re saying there really is that you agree with me and John, right?

  5. To put it simply, yes!

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