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Because I no longer buy into the materialistic bullshit that is so central to our society, when I first considered going back to Rome, I thought I’d get some cruddy job for 2 or 3 days a week, just enough to pay my bare essentials, and I’d spend the rest of my time with Lucius, or working on Will’s farm, or devoting myself to other pursuits, like writing or some kind of political activism, as I’d done in the past.
But when it looked like Alderney would be coming with me, that path looked impossible – I’d need to live in Rome itself, not in one of the outlying villages, and I’d need to have a fulltime job, with all the baggage that goes along with that.
Now, even though I’m back to going to Rome alone, I’ve stuck with the idea of living in the suburbs, and doing the whole usual crap – job, house, car, suburban existence etc. In the long run, it’ll probably be better for Lucius that way. But just like adding widgets to this here wordpress blog, I’ve been thinking what ‘widgets’ I’d add to my Roman life.

So what do I want my Roman life to look like?
I’m going in roughly a fortnight. I’ve been speaking to someone down there about sharing a house, and he’s already searching, although it seems the rental market is tight. The idea, since we’re both non-residential fathers to our kids, is that we’ll get a medium sized place so the kids can visit when convenient.
I’ve already began to suss out some options for work. Given the employment rate in Rome, it’s easy to find work, so the places I’ve spoken to already are keen to see me when I get to town. Most likely, in the next year or so, my work will be just an office job in the city.
Some people have asked me whether I’ll have any custody or access difficulties with seeing Lucius. Clearly, they’ve never met Caerulia, or understand the relationship my ex-wife and I have. I have always been able to see him whenever I or he liked, and there’s never been any formalised arrangements. Already, Caerulia’s extracted a commitment to have him on Tuesday nights from late July because she wants to go to some evening class. She sees my return as something that will free her considerably, and allow her to do things like night-classes.
Lucius’ activites – mainly football and cricket – will provide some focus to my Roman life. I’ll either take him to things he wants to go to, or help Caerulia in that respect. In addition to that, I want to involve Lucius in some activities he’s not currently doing – such as coming out with me to Will’s farms. So he can experience aspects of life different to what he does at the moment.
afcfootballcrest-web-size.jpgDuring the last few years in Jerusalem, I’ve enjoyed going along to the local suburban footy games. I started that with Verbs, and continued with Heather later. So I’d like to continue that aspect. Lucius’ best mate plays in the juniors for one of the oldest teams in Rome, and Lucius wants to play for them next season too. So we’ll probably fall into line as followers of that team, and go to games when we can (although the weather there in winter is nowhere near as pleasant as it is here in Jerusalem).
I’ll return to my political involvement, certainly at a local level. I’ve already spoken to Wellington, who is still heavily active in the local party. So after 2 years out of the party, I’ll re-join.
They’re some aspects of what my Roman life will be like. Tomorrow, I’ll look at what my crusade is about.



  1. I think I’m a roman – let me know if I can help… I tried to help your housemate to be, but I wasn’t really that much help afterall!

  2. cool…it’s gonna be good

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