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I’ve added a new page – the Comment Policy page. Have a look if you like.

I find it odd that some people read my blog every day, yet never comment. In recent times, I’ve been getting a lot higher readership numbers than I ever had here, or on my previous blogs. But less than 5% of people leave comments. Why is that?

Snoskred recently set herself the challenge of commenting a LOT. And I’ve been trying to follow her lead. I’d encourage you all to comment more as well. Here of course, but also other places.

Actually, I’ll set myself a quota: if I can’t find a blog interesting enough to make a comment, I’m going to stop reading it. Because, well, there’s really no point, is there? They aren’t grabbing me. So I’ll cull it. I read a blogger recently (I don’t remember where) who said that 80-90% of the blogs he reads no longer have that spark that made him subscribe in the first place, so he was going on a cull to get rid of them. Maybe that might be a viable idea?



  1. I do think that the more comments you leave will also drive more traffic to your own site. Yes?

  2. I think LaLa is right.. and my Bloglines makes it easier for me to find people who are updating and comment if I see fit. I’ll cull every once in a while if I find a blogger has lost his/her spark, but I usually leave it a bit first.. just in case it was an off day/week/month. Am pretty forgiving! 🙂

  3. I think the reason people don’t comment is they just don’t have the time. I have no job to go to.. 😉 But the more comments you leave on other sites, the more likely people will come to check you out and leave a comment back. 😉


  4. So some people make comments to increase their own traffic? Is that the definition of cyber-narcisism?

  5. Cyber-narcissism perhaps Crab (and I only said it because you’re more of a pedant than I am)

  6. Yes comments drive traffic but blog-whoring is so draining…

    I too am curious about the May Massacre… curious enough to go poking back through May posts? Only time will tell…

    So this blog has a higher readership than previous blogs despite the recent move and cloak-and-daggerness (or because of the cloak and dagerness?)?

  7. I like to pick and choose who I comment on. I am one of those who don’t expect to get high readership, or reciprocal links, I just like blogs and blogging.

    I like your policy, given that your life has been rather eventful in the couple of yrs i have been reading it, and periodically i turn up to find that you have removed bits and pieces, i think i just keep coming back for more to see how far you have come.

    you have definitely, from the POV of someone who is more of an aquaintence, grown and changed somewhat in your personal philosophies. I admire that.

  8. Lurkers who rarely comment…. I asked this very question in a somewhat recent Q&A of my readers… got varying, interesting responses to it.

    But, I’m intrigued by something now.
    You included me in the mass email to inform of this addy to your new blog, in hopes that I would come read (and comment)… but am I not one of those you have “culled”? lol

    *burp* 😉

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