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farm.jpgThe point of yesterday’s post is that I have a public reason for returning to Rome, and a personal one. And while both are honest reasons, the reality is that one is more driving than the other.
The public reason for returning, the reason I tell anyone who asks, is to be closer to Lucius. He’s 8 and a half now, and Caerulia and I’ve been separated since he was almost 4. The older he gets, the more important it is for me to be around and be a stronger influence than I’m able to be from a thousand miles away.
The private reason is that when I look at the map, and plot where my friends are, they’re all in Rome. A few in the areas around Rome, and Marquis in Mos Eisley. But they aren’t in Jerusalem. So to be a thousand miles away is insanity.
In other words, Lucius isn’t the main reason, even if he is a reason.
There are ways that, if I wanted to stay in Jerusalem, I could get around the issue of Lucius – more frequent visits, having him come to Jerusalem instead of only me going to Rome, and other strategies. But the fact is, I want to go home, and return from my exile.
Because when I go home, there’s lots I have to do. Lots of projects to undertake, and put into action. Especially stuff I’ve been working on – in one form or another – for years.



  1. I always forget — Rome is, uh, where I leave, right? It seems dirty to say it out loud on your site…

  2. Jerusalem is full of wankers, fuckwits, and illiterates. Best to leave them all behind and leave the imbred to continue with their inter-breeding đŸ˜‰

  3. oh go girl! i’ve always said that….with teachers who are illiterate what do you expect from the rest of them?

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