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strooperhelmet.jpgFollowing the revelation I had in this post, I began to look at where I was with my life, and why. And I especially began to look at the question of my geography.
I left Rome in 2004 primarily because of two factors – there was a girl pulling me toward Jerusalem, and I’d also run into some problems in Rome. The problems in Rome involved a legal tussle, and it ended badly. And to be blunt, I left Rome because I knew if I’d stayed, I’d have been consumed with rage and a desire for revenge.
But following the realisation that I no longer had those emotions of the DarkSide (anger, vengeance, hatred etc) that reason for being away from Rome rapidly evaporated.
Then, within a matter of only a few weeks, the other reason (the girl, Veronique) ceased to be an issue as well. I’d had a weird relationship with her, and for a long time, I had suspected that the best result (even if it was one I’d have hated) would be if one of us cut the strings. And in early October last year, that’s exactly what happened. We simultaneously cut the cord.
And that happened within 2 weeks of the DarkSide revelation.
So a seed started growing in my brain – with the end of Veronique, and the realisation that the DarkSide no longer controlled me, there was nothing to stop me returning to Rome whenever I liked.
But what would I do there? I could go back, but to what? A question I began to explore quite a bit, especially with Caerulia and William (formerly known here as “Yuri”).


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