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The last two Sundays, I’ve posted things I’ve found on YouTube that grabbed my mood. This week, since YouTube Sunday is becoming a tradition around here, I post this.

For those of you who can remember Race Around the World from 1998, this is the audition tape of John Safran, who became the most controversial of the contestants. His story in Round 9 wasn’t able to be broadcast, so they played his audition tape instead. It shows without doubt why he was selected. It still makes me chuckle, even after all this time.


  1. That was awesome. Thanks for posting that. Is he the only one from that great show to have made it anywhere?

    No-one else seems to be as memorable..

  2. He certainly pushed the envelope, didn’t he?

    I remember trying to distract my kids from his “How to get into DisneyLand for Free” episode.

  3. He’s fantastic. That yellow screen was inspired. And good on the selectors for picking him despite his whole audition video looking slightly out of focus. My favourite John Safran video was the one where he kicked a football – was it into Palestine? Can’t quite remember, it’s been tooooo long.

    Tony Wilson is doing OK. He was in the commentary team during the World Cup (football/soccer), I think he was with the ABC?? Maybe SBS? I don’t know if he has a regular gig with them or not but I enjoyed his commentary. I think the winner of the first series got a job with George Negus, but I could be wrong. Didn’t the winner automatically get an internship or something?

    Anyway… thanks for posting this!

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