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I’d like to tell a story.
And some parts of the story have been told, or hinted at, on my previous blog (The Lost Legionary) but I didn’t get a chance to tell it fully, and in the right way. So if you’ve read bits of it before, then I’m sorry. But I need to put it in full both for my own benefit, and the benefits of those who come along later and haven’t read it all before. Not a lot of it would be repeated anyway.
It’s the story of how I got here. And it’s kind of necessary for the next bit in the saga – where I’m going next. It’ll also help explain a few things along the way. Which should help out those for whom this blog makes no sense.
One of the unique things though about blogs, and one that I admit I really don’t like, is that they’re read differently to other writings. They’re read backwards, for starters – if I were to wander into someone’s blog that was already established, I’d read the most recent stuff first. And there’d be only a slim chance I’d go back and read the whole story. In that sense, the chapters get read backwards, and often the early chapters don’t get read at all. Which, if you’re trying to understand as a reader, is probably the stupidest possible way of reading. But that’s how blogs work, and I guess those of us who write them know that’s how they work. And we’ve kind of adjusted to it. But the reality is that without the full story, a lot doesn’t make sense.
Which makes me think, maybe I should go back and read the first bits of some of the blogs I read, especially the ones I read every day?


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