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Last weekend, I had an idea. See, two years ago, I’d bought myself a copy of Rome: Total War but my graphics card was too lame, so the game sat on my bookshelf. But a year ago I upgraded computers. I’d forgotten about R:TW until last Saturday. So Sunday morning, just after I wrote my previous blog-post, I installed the game to test if it would run. It did, and my apologies, but that’s where I’ve been for the last week – mostly killing Gauls. It’s been good therapy, as most other aspects of the last week have been very good for inducing a need for therapy. See, I split with Alderney. I may tell the story of that soon, but it means that I spent a lot of this week killing Gauls to distract myself. And I have to say, killing Gauls was a great way of blocking out the bits of the world I didn’t want to deal with. Anyway, my point is I am around, and I shall return to regular posting.Burning Village


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