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I’m not in much of a writing mood. I changed to WordPress because I felt the old Lost Legionary was, well, it was like a big ship, a big sailing ship. And steering it had become so difficult. It handled like, well, a sailing ship. It had a turning circle slightly less than the width of the English Channel, and have you ever seen a sailing ship with brakes? No. Of course not.

Anyway, that’s why I left it behind. Because I wanted to try something a bit easier to control, a bit zipper, a bit more speed-boaty. Rather than my huge Cutty-Sark sized blog. Laden down with all its baggage, and undesirable readers. And I wanted somewhere fresh to share with you, those I’ve invited her, some of my ideas and plans for my future, and what was happening in the world of me just now.

To that end, I would encourage every one of you to comment freely at this new place. The things I say here are me casting ideas out into the ether, to see what people think of them. They’re almost never set in stone and impermeable.

I’ve got a week without Alderney ahead of me. She’s got her sister come to stay, and that means I wont be seeing her, except in the office. So I’ll be home more, and that means every chance I’ll write more. Maybe I’ll feel inspired to write more, or maybe I’ll just do it out of boredom. Who knows?

I’d also like to ask, this habit of mine of giving pseudonyms to everyone and everywhere – does that annoy people? Or does it add to the flavour of the place? I’ve given some thought this last week, while trundling around on trains and buses, to ditching all that. Or maybe ditching it for places and not people? I originally started it because I didn’t want to be googled by certain people. But I’ve disabled the google-ability of this blog anyway. So do we like it? Or hate it? Or not care about it?

Thanks for listening this far down. I’m off to have a shower then go to the footy, because the Vikings are up against Kenmore today.


  1. I’m glad you’ve continued blogging, and I like WordPress a lot and also find it to be a leaner meaner blogging machine.

    Like you, I like to write things online and get opinions, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen as much as I’d wish. It seems that being a male blogger without titillating stories can sometimes mean it’s hard to pull readers, but at the end of the day blogging should just be for the blogger as an ends to a means.

    I like the pseudonyms. It’s a good idea and one that I have thought of taking on as well for my brood and relations. (is it copyrighted? ;))

    So yes, Like. Looking forward to more writing from you. The future is bright.

  2. I, too, like the pseudonyms for people and places and I also enjoyed the consistent theme.

    That said, there is always the risk of misinterpretation. I, for one, confused Rome with Mos Eisley. Perhaps a “Who’s who and where’s where” page, without giving too much away. D’Jen does this well.

  3. MikeFitz. Check out the Dramatis Personae Page 🙂

  4. way cool

  5. the pseudonyms get a bit much when your son runs around speaking in a italian accent asking people if they want any of lucius’ pizza 😉

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