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Previously, I had said that I thought Battlestar Galactica had jumped the shark. Because it’d lost the “direction” it seemed to have in the first season. Now though, I’ve seen season three. All of it. And I have to say, my opinion is reinforced like never before. It’s drifted so far into the realm of the ridiculous that I couldn’t make it sillier if I actually wanted to.

I’ve now decided that it jumped when Laura Roslin was cured of cancer. From that moment, her place in “the prophecies” started to become questionable. And while I think it’s interesting to see the dissent and disagreement amongst the Cylons, the place where the show ended up at the end of season 3 is just dumb.

As I said to Jim the moment it was finished “George Lucas, in all his Phantom Menace creative bullshit-ness could not have fucked up Galactica more than it’s been ruined now”. Starbuck returning from the dead to lead them all to Earth? Was that in their prophecies? Or the roll-call of Cylon agents who were all hearing “All Along the Watchtower” in their heads that drove them to a meeting? How completely ludicrous!

Galen Tyrol can’t have been a Cylon – or his and Callie’s son would have the same magical powers as the cross-bred baby Hera. Saul Tigh can’t be a Cylon – or that means the Cylons had the “human-cloning” technology during the first Cylon wars (and they clearly didn’t).

And what of where Caprica Six saw one of the final models and recognised them? There’s only a handful of humans she’d know, and none of them were amongst the final set of Cylons (although I did note that one remains a mystery).

As I said months ago when I finished season 2, the writers have lost direction, lost their plot. Meaning the show has lost the plot in a big way.


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