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Crowded House’s Debut Self-Titled Album

It seems the rumours are true. So now I have to find out how to get tickets to this, the most important gig of the year. Whatever people are saying, I don’t give a flying fuck about the cause they’re promoting with this latest gig. I just want tickets to it because it’ll be almost 20 years since I went to my first Crowded House gig, and there’s no way I wanna miss this one.

Neil and I go way back. The first single I ever bought was “I Got You”, from his Split Enz days. Then, in July 1988, I went to my first gig – Crowded House at Bruce Stadium. I fell in love with the band that night, and I saw them about eight times over the next decade (including my buck’s night when they played Bruce again, this time with the Oils and Angels).

I was due to go to two of their gigs and missed them. I had tickets for their 1989 New Years Eve gig at Darling Harbour, when they played with the Enz, Hunters & Boom Crash Opera. That woulda been a good night. But I was in Tibur, and unable to get to Mos Eisley. Then, I was in Mos Eisley for their originally planned farewell gig, but when rain postponed it 24 hours, I missed out because I had to fly out to a meeting in Jerusalem. So I’m not missing the reunion gig. Even if Paul wont be there.

Anyone else notice the significance of Paul’s portrayal in this album-cover?


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